7 Early Signs Of Heart Attack You Should Know To Save Your Life


Many surveys conducted by renowned universities disclose that 25% life loss are due to heart attack and is ranked number one in killing people. The study has also found that the maximum deaths in the U.S. are caused due to the heart attack. Most of us are aware of its major symptoms that are high blood pressure, smoking, and high level of cholesterol. Stress is also one of the major reason for heart failures. But, if you want to know the symptoms of heart attack month before, then read this article and save your life! 2. Uneasiness in the chest. 3. Breathing gets difficult. 4. Extreme tiredness due to exertion. 5. Continuous body ache. 6. Diziness and cold sweats. 7. Xanthelasma which occurs mostly after the age of 40. Information By: Parminder Singh #DCPBVM


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