A Helipad In Punjab University To Accommodate VVIP Choppers ( Early news By Mandeep Kumar)


Ludhiana: A prime piece of land inside the Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana city in Punjab will now be used to make a helipad for the VVIPs. The two acres of land being used by the government to build a permanent helipad was earlier meant for agricultural research, half of which belongs to Guru Angad Dev College of Veterinary Sciences. The Vice Chancellor of the university Baldev Singh Dhillon says the helipad will help with the movement of VVIPs in and out of the city and also reduce the traffic congestion in the city during agriculture fairs held within the campus. He added that a parking lot being built along with the helipad will be helpful for the university.  So far, all choppers use a temporary helipad which is created on the university grounds. Reported By: Parminder Singh #DCPBVM


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